We value our partners

We simply can’t create quality products without quality suppliers.

At Fusion, we work with strategic supplier partners who help us create efficiencies, bring new ideas to the table, and always keep our customers’ best interests in mind. And because we value our supplier relationships so greatly, we strive to make our partnerships easy, straightforward, and mutually beneficial.

As part of this goal, we’ve listed resources to help you to learn more about what it means to partner with Fusion. Here, you’ll find the tools you need to move forward and serve our shared customers.



Purchasing Terms

We always want to be on the same page with our suppliers. Learn the conditions that shape our partnership.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase


This document defines all quality agreements between Fusion and our suppliers – read about purpose, requirements, responsibility, and more.

Supplier General Quality Requirements


To assure that incoming printed circuit boards meet Fusion’s requirements, we’ve drafted our specifications. Know the elements we require.

Specification for Printed Circuit Boards


Fusion requires our suppliers to source materials from socially responsible suppliers. Read what this means.

Conflict Minerals policy

Do you have questions about our policies? We’re happy to help.

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