A breadth and depth of experience

Over the past 3 decades, Fusion has worked with a variety of ambitious customers in various industries. In these two decades, we’ve gained deep experience and built institutional knowledge to help us serve your needs. We know the specific challenges and pressures that face each unique business environment, and have the systems and processes in place to plan and execute accordingly.

No matter your industry, we’re committed to delivering success to your business. View the industries we work with most, and explore the systems and processes we’ve built to deliver on your specific needs.



industry-icons-industrialAt Fusion, we leverage an integrated approach and systems-thinking to support the unique needs of industrial product manufacturers. Learn how we create solutions for your specific challenges, and offer the all tools you need in the process.

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Aerospace and Military

industry-icons-militaryFusion maintains processes that ensure the highest quality workmanship and compliance with your rigorous requirements. Learn how our manufacturing experience helps us to mitigate the challenges faced by our military, aerospace, and defense customers.

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Instrumentation and Medical

industry-icons-medicalWith robust quality management systems and deep expertise with instrumentation and medical manufacturing, Fusion has built processes to help customers in this field mitigate unique challenges.

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Communications and Computer


Customers in communications infrastructure and enterprise computing need an EMS partner to help them navigate rapidly changing market demands. Read how Fusion’s deep experience helps to support your unique needs.

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industry-icons-commercialBusinesses in the commercial product market are faced with increasingly sophisticated end-users who demand high performance precision products at reasonable prices. See how Fusion leverages our deep experience to deliver successful outcomes.

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