Instrumentation and Medical

Regulatory compliance, strong supply chain management, and high-quality outputs are essential for businesses in the instrumentation and medical industries. Fusion leverages deep industry knowledge to support customers through the full product lifecycle, and deliver custom solutions tailored to their unique business needs.

Comprehensive quality assurance

With robust quality management systems and deep expertise with instrumentation and medical manufacturing, Fusion has built processes to ensure success for customers in the instrumentation and medical fields.


Fusion can help you overcome industry-specific challenges, including:

Supply chain management

Instrumentation and medical fields depend on top-notch product supply chain management – and Fusion is ready to deliver. We take an intentional and thorough approach to the supply chain management process, helping you to proactively assess and manage your supply chain risk. By providing consistent product performance and materials traceability, we’re setting your strategy up for success.

Consistent precision

Instruments developed for the science and medial fields require the utmost in quality control. Fusion has deployed comprehensive systems to support design for manufacturability, and execute on critical components (like rapid prototyping, pre-production testing, and custom material sourcing) that ensure consistent precision across your products. Our team is led by engineers with many years of experience in instrumentation and medical manufacturing, so you can trust that your precision products will deliver the same level of quality and performance every time.

Experience & Demand Management

Only the most experienced EMS partners have the ability to flex and scale production with demand – and with Fusion’s 20 years of experience, we’re confident in our abilities to work with volatile demand needs. Fusion maintains rigid quality management standards to ensure compliance success for our customers’ programs. Our experienced team works with customers in the instrumentation and medical manufacturing space to build an efficient, effective production plan, and to carry out process that ensure compliance with all applicable standards.

Product Experience

At Fusion, we understand the intricacies of instrumentation and medical products. You need an EMS partner who can adhere to strict regulatory standards and support your business objective: to create life-saving tools. Samples of our work include:

  • Blood pressure monitoring systems
  • Balance rehabilitation system sub-assemblies
  • Cardiac event recording sub-assemblies
  • Gauss Meter instruments assemblies

See how we leverage experience for your success.

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