Businesses in the commercial product market are faced with increasingly sophisticated end-users who demand high performance precision products at reasonable prices. To ensure success, you need an EMS provider who can design for manufacturability, provide testing guidance and oversight, and manage costs as well as inventory.

Exceed the demands of a sophisticated market

Our customers in the commercial sector require quick turnaround to market, the highest standard of service, and innovative processes. Fusion’s knowledge and experience with your unique needs empowers our team to mitigate risks and ensure success for every commercial strategy.


Fusion can help you overcome industry-specific challenges, including:

Product Reliability

Products today are expected to withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, which means component reliability is a significant focus for our customers in the commercial sector. Fusion’s rapid prototyping and pre-production testing ensure that your parts withstand life’s harsh conditions, and that your customers receive the dependable product they’ve come to expect from you.

Custom materials and components

Does your part require custom materials, components, and engineering solutions? No problem. Fusion has deep experience partnering with customer engineering teams to build solutions for unique manufacturing challenges. We’ve designed processes that support custom material and component sourcing, and pair them with prototyping, pre-production testing, and supply chain management capabilities to ensure our commercial customers find success with their highly-customized product and part demands.

Demand Fluctuation

In a perfect world, demand for your product would be steady and predictable. But the reality of seasonal trends and unpredictable market changes can make production planning and risk mitigation a challenge. To support the changing needs of our commercial sector customers, Fusion leverages robust supply chain strategies (such as Kan Ban systems) to minimize inventory while ensuring availability and cost optimization.

Product Experience

Our attention to detail and proactive risk assessment help to ensure a reliable, quality product – every time. Fusion’s experience in the commercial sector includes:

  • Electronics for firearm accessories
  • Desktop computer peripheral devices
  • Tablet and cell phone conceptual products

See how we leverage experience for your success.

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