At Fusion, we leverage an integrated and systems-thinking approach to support the unique needs of industrial product manufacturers. We’ve partnered with customers on box-builds and highly-configured products, and have a winning track record of deploying quality products on-time and at-cost.

Manufacturing solutions for the modern economy

We’re well-versed in creating solutions for your specific challenges, and offer all the tools you need in the process. This includes design for manufacturability support, rapid prototyping, pre-production testing, supply-chain risk analysis, and more.


Fusion can help you overcome industry-specific challenges, including:

Configuration and interfacing

Industrial products are on the front-line of technological innovation, which means that designers and manufacturers are increasingly looking to develop highly-configured assemblies that can interface with external systems and software. Fusion has deep experience working with industrial customers to ensure success in this interconnected ecosystem. We help customer teams design for manufacturability, move through prototyping and conduct robust pre-production and functional testing to ensure that configured and interfaced products are performing to your needs.

Volatile demand

The ability to flex and scale production with demand is crucial for industrial product manufacturers. When forecasts are at the mercy of the economic climate, it’s imperative to ensure that your partners have the ability to work with your real-time understanding of the market. When we partner with a customer, the Fusion team first ensures that we have a complete understanding of the product lifecycle and demand cycles in your industry. From there, our Program Managers work directly with customers to build a proactive plan and supply chain strategy to ensure flexibility to strategically meet your demand shifts.

Competitive pressures

Cost control and time to market are significant concerns for industrial product manufacturers. Thanks to increasing competition and customer expectations, profitability hinges on being able to deliver product at a competitive price when the demand is active. Fusion has a successful track record of on-time delivery and quality performance – our proactive planning and supply chain management practices ensure customers have a clear visibility into costs throughout the process, and our responsive communication practices ensure you have the information you need to feel confident throughout the product lifecycle.

Product Experience

When it comes to industrial products, it’s key to be quick to market, to fit within a larger product design, and to stay flexible to meet design requirements. Your strategy is part of a larger system – that’s why we pay extra attention to dependability and reliability. Some of our commercial programs include:

  • LED lighting systems
  • Control room display subsystems
  • Broadcast display subsystems
  • Energy monitoring data acquisition products

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