Communications and Computer

Customers in communications infrastructure and enterprise computing need an EMS partner to help them navigate rapidly changing market demands. Fusion’s focus on consistent quality, on-time delivery, and flexibility with volatile demand ensures that our team proactively addresses these unique risks and industry demands.

Nimble solutions for critical products

Businesses developing products for computer and communications demands face a number of acute challenges: complex global supply chains, pricing pressures, and unexpected operational risks. With deep experience supporting these unique needs, Fusion has developed the infrastructure to account for these pressures throughout the product lifecycle.


Fusion can help you overcome industry-specific challenges, including:

Frequent design changes

In a hyper-competitive environment where customer expectations are on the rise, technology and design must be poised to evolve at lightning speed. Fusion has built the systems and processes to help our customers pivot with flexibility, responsiveness, and a dedication to getting your program completed on time. We believe that necessary adjustments shouldn’t disrupt your original plan, we make sure your product is fully compliant and compatible with a larger system.

Cost reduction

At Fusion, we know that too-high costs can pose a threat to any strategy. To mitigate these hurdles, our team proactively addresses supply chain risks and implements robust process control, including engineering change management materials assurance planning.

Variable demand

In a rapidly-evolving economic environment, fluctuations in demand can be difficult to predict. Fusion’s processes are tailored to respond to varying requirements and changes in supply chain. We provide flexible options and maintain the ability to meet spikes in demand and facilitate push-outs when demand slows.

Product Experience

Connectivity is at the heart of computers and communication. That’s why every component we deliver meets your compliance needs, while supporting your complete product design. Some of our past programs include:

  • Main and Interface boards for telecom, radio, and broadcast video
  • High reliability modem products

See how we leverage experience for your success.

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