Born in Hillsboro, Oregon in 1995

In Fusion’s two decades of providing electronics manufacturing services, people have always been our priority.

Twenty years ago, we started Fusion in a modest work space with only three employees. These three people all shared a common vision: to make the EMS landscape a better place. Today, we celebrate two decades as a company, and are more dedicated than ever to delivering success to our clients.

Devoted to our customers

Even in our humble beginnings, we have always strived to deliver timely, quality results to our customers and to provide our employees with an unbeatable work environment. But beyond these commitments, a lot has changed since the mid-nineties – and we’re grateful to those who have helped us get where we are today.

Since our start, our team has expanded from a handful of people to over 70 dedicated employees who operate in a 30,000 square foot facility. We owe our transformation to our devoted customers and employees over all these years – these positive relationships have created countless win-wins and contribute to our mission of mutual success.


Finding the right fit partners

Our goal from the beginning has been to build an organization that will stand the test of time – to achieve this, we consistently seek out opportunities for evolution, and proactively set plans for strategic change. That’s why we chose to shift our business model at a key point in Fusion’s journey: our focus shifted from working with having many customers to working with the right customers.

right-partners-sqAfter taking a good look at our greatest successes and trials, we found that our best-fit partners typically show certain characteristics. These customers:

  • Value consistent, proactive, communication
  • Desire innovative thinking for creative solutions
  • Require turnkey manufacturing of high-mix, high-complexity products

Since sharpening our focus towards these best-fit customers, we’ve been able to offer a higher level of service and greater flexibility to OEMs who value Fusion’s capabilities and share our vision of success.

An enduring commitment

Fusion’s journey shows that a lot can change over twenty years. Although our services and infrastructure have evolved, our dedication to providing superior customer service, high quality and on-time delivery remains the True North of our operation – we’re thankful for the people who have joined us on this path.

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